Competent and friendly staff is always available to assist business owners/managers and job seekers. The Carroll County Workforce Development staff along with the Maryland Department of Labor staff includes professionals with vast years of experience in employment, training and workforce development.

Our staff are members of the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals and possess credentials such as Certified Resume Writer, Global Career Development Facilitator, Offender Workforce Development Specialist, Certified International Protean Career Coach and Certified 5 Steps Instructor.

Carroll County Workforce Development Staff Directory

Job Seeker Services:

Corina Canon, Employment Consultant, Email, Office: 410- 386-2454, Mobile: 443-487-2780 Connect on LinkedIn

Chris Clark, Employment Consultant, Email, Office: 410-386-2824, Mobile: 443-862-1580

Tammy Haines, Employment Services Supervisor, Email, Office: 410-386-2831, Mobile: 443-487-2781 Connect on LinkedIn

Tamara “Tammy” Jackson, Workforce Development Resource Specialist, Email, Office: 410-386-2822

Shellia Martin, Workforce Development Resource Specialist, Email , Office: 410 386 2816,

Theresa Olson, Job Service Specialist IV, Email, Office: 410-386-2829

Darian Rahnis, Youth Program Specialist, Email, Office: 410-386-2826

Jackie Sharrah, Job Service Specialist III, Email, Office: 410-386-2821

Eileen Vozzella, Youth Program Coordinator, Email, Office: 410-386-2807, Mobile: 443-340-8795

Blueprint Services:

Tammi Casson, Blueprint Program Manager, Email, Office : 410-386-2833, Mobile: 443-487-2753 Connect on LinkedIn

Ashley Farver, Career Navigator, Email, Office: 410-386-2825

Ashley Joslyn, Career Navigator, Email, Office: 410-386-2492

Business Services:

Sandra L. Miller, Business Consultant, Email, Office: 410-386-2834

Scott Singleton, Business Services Manager, Email, Office: 410-386-2521, Mobile: 443-547-7565 Connect on LinkedIn

Veteran Services:

Alex Brown, Email, Office: 410-386-2849

Administrative Services:

Georgia Allen, Performance & Data Coordinator, Email, Office: 410-386-2823

Christine Cruz, Fiscal Manager, Email, Office: 410-386-2828

Cindy Dunbar, Office Associate, Email, Office: 410-386-2820

Shelby O’Leary, Administrative Assistant, Email, Office: 410-386-2840

Heather Powell, Carroll County Workforce Development Manager, Email, Office: 410-386-2832, Mobile: 443-487-2785 Connect on LinkedIn

Alyscia Smothers, Customer Engagement Specialist, Email, Office: 410- 386-2827

Marcie B. Sullivan, Digital Literacy & Assessment Specialist, Email, Office: 410- 386-2808

Stan Whiteman, Operations & Resource Manager, Email, Office: 410-386-2483, Mobile: 443-547-7084 Connect on LinkedIn