• Patrick W.
    "My period of unemployment rapidly came to a successful close, and I owe it all to a group of government employees — the staff at the Carroll County Business & Employment Resource Center (BERC). I can say, without a doubt, that I would not have received the employment offer I received had it not been for them."
    Patrick W.
  • Hannah S.

    What I liked best about working with the BERC was that the employment counselor really helped me from start to finish throughout the job campaign - from creating a resume to assisting me prepare for interviews. With BERCs help, I was employed less than two months after being laid-off!

    Hannah S.
  • Ed B.

    As a whole, the staff at BERC, is courteous, competent and encouraging while providing meaningful career guidance and support.

    Ed B.
  • Frank H.

    I wish I had the opportunity to begin 5 Steps to Rapid Employment sooner in my career. I was one of the fortunate during my job campaign to land a job with a two week period that fit my skills and knowledge. I would recommend this course for all individuals. 

    Frank H.
  • Jennifer F.

    Thank you for all of your support and encouragement; all of the workshops I attended were so informative and extremely helpful.

    Jennifer F.
  • Chris Mayfield

    BERC has provided ongoing recruitment assistance and hosted a two day job fair for FR Conversions to assist with our relocation to Westminster. We found many qualified candidates through BERC and are continuing to hire as we ramp up our operations to meet growing demands.

    Chris Mayfield
    Chief Operations Officer, FR Conversions
  • Omega Brandess

    About BERC job fairs: Very well organized and definitely worth doing again. Thank you!

    Omega Brandess
  • Lorien, Mount Airy
    About BERC job fairs: The positions we are hiring for are specific and require licensure or certification. My best expectation for a general job fair is to find 1-2 qualified applicants that I would like to interview.  I met today with 12 very qualified candidates and have high hopes of hiring at least three of them. THANK YOU!!
    Lorien, Mount Airy